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...and just to add to my earlier post

It is for this reason that cops generally come on strong (..much to the chagrin of the motorist, detainee, etc.)......stronger than what is really necessary at times. It's to establish dominance and put the officer on the offensive (..even if that officer is scared sh|tless, his/her demeanor may not reflect that). The average person starts to buckle and/or unravel when people speak strongly; the academies are full of nothing but belittlement and yelling, so an officer becomes largely desensitized.

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not nearly as much as i spend on a mat

the point is............ looks mean nothing
And my point is, when you're a cop dealing with urban idiots.....LOOKS OFTEN CAN MEAN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ASSAULT - OR WORSE - AND JUST A SIDEWAYS LOOK. I don't care how legit you are on the mat, you can and will catch an ass whoopin' from the untrained. A significant part of the police and fire population train something (..usually BJJ, Boxing or Muay Thai), and not one of them is going to go toe-to-toe unless it is a last resort, they don't have a weapon, and it's a fight or die situation. They are smart enough to know that training doesn't always stop a corner thug.
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You heard of me.....burgandy and outlines like murder scenes; Germany..took ferns and flat whites for blurring greens.

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