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Originally Posted by andrewrossnagel View Post
1. where did that list get a 550 hp GT-R? i said the 2012 had 530hp, you said the 2013 has 545hp.
2. The radicals on said list are pretty much as streetable as a Zonda R.
ugh youre doing this again?? did you decide you might have an argument? lol google the word "road car". you must really frustrate your co workers[/QUOTE]

i dont want to debate, i was just clarifying my two things thas all. not meaning to back into things.

1. this is directly copy and pasted from that site.

10. Nissan GT-R 7:19.00 169 '12 550 / 1736

thats make time avg.spd yr. hp. weight

you also said 545 hp....
Originally Posted by andrewrossnagel View Post
zonda r isnt a road car. gt-rs have 545 hp

2. i see what you mean by road car. passing inspection and all that. but my counter point was the Radicals on the List, are in that same category. some countries they are street legel, other's they arent.

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