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Originally Posted by LBM3guy View Post
Really a lil...and I mean a lil search. You will see that in corolation to geagraphical location, Coleim from this forum is the best you will get....PERIOD, and I will put my dollars on that. All your questions (be it noob, or advanced) will be addressed, and explained. The Thud is not normal. If u got a new car today, that sound would never be considered (Normal). HERE is the difference....normal-no, tolerable for a while a while without breakin ****-yes, how long for.....dont chance it. After a while, you WILL have drivetrain issues, tranny issue, or a plethra of other problems. IF YOU HAVE THER THUD CHANGE YOUR DIFF BUSHINGS. If u need to ask what bushing...get them all, if you dont, then get the 1 you already know you need, and stop tryin to convince yourself it will fix its self, or its something else.
wow i dont even know if you read my post at all but it seems you go off on an entire tangent regarding the issue my car is having. thanks for the input anyhow but after doing a lil search, i cant find coleim or what you are referring to. if he or she is a member of this forum or a shop near the city of san francisco, that actually would be helpful

also, to my understanding, there are special tools that are required for the diff bushings and im looking for an indy shop and/or forum member who has access to these tools and can therefore do the job with ease

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