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badly need your help guys!!

for those who DIY installed their clutch kit here is my problem..

first my car and parts info:

- car is 323i 4Door Sedan @190K mileage first time clutch replacement
- flywheel is the same stock
- clutch and pressure plate (Luk 4122E1003) that i bought is (SAC) Luk 03-047 from here: http://www.partsgeek.com/ss/?i=1&ssq=luk+03-047&x=0&y=0
- Luk clutch catalog showing i got the correct kit http://catalog.schaeffler-aftermarke...99&engine=2.5L..

- i reinstalled everything correctly including triple checking the disc to be on the gearbox side (written GETRIEBESEITE)

- torque the pressure plate first to specification then remove the shipping plate after(looks like a ninja shuriken)

PROBLEM: when i start the car, clutch and car wont do anything?? i can even change gear even if i'm not stepping on my clutch while the engine is running.. im also sure that the transmission is changing gears because when i shift to reverse the reverse light will turn ON. i also bleed the clutch and pretty sure no more bubbles coming out of it and the clutch pedal is really hard to step on already..

again car engine is running and i can change gears (1-5 and reverse) without stepping on the clutch

HELP ME guys !!!


1: is the pressure plate springs suppose to be compress even if i remove the shipping plate (star shrunken like lock) like this image: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/8098/61393168.jpg

2: could be my Slave cylinder is now broken?? the reason i asked is during the transmission removal the push rod just fell off the cylinder even without someone stepping the clutch (while cylinder is remove) so i just pushed it back in by hand..

3: any suggestions on what should i do or check?

Thanks to all in advance..

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