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Thank guys for all the feedback and input.

After spending the morning ringing around, I finally found a place that was open and prepared to look at the car. Thanks to Gary and Owen at Coastbay / GC Auto Electrical....

Owen checked out the alternator charge using a multimeter at the battery with the car running, with and without load. The charge dropped rapidly in both cases until the engine was revved - stabilising the voltage and with high revs it actually began charging.

End result - $1k on a new alternator which will hopefully be completed by this afternoon. I'm happy that this happened here rather than the middle of nowhere in Smalltown NSW. On the bright side, I have a new alternator and I am set for at least the next 5 years

Mitch - I had the same symptoms with lights dancing on the dash. We checked the terminals at the front of the car and had the same result.

Dec / MJ80 / Shannon / Alpine and Mitch, thanks very much for the responses and offers, much appreciated.

If any of you are around Surfers over the next couple of days let me know. Would be great to see fanatics (even if briefly) and put faces to names (especially yours Dec!).



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