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I have just purchased a 2001 E46 318i that must have been parked in the street for many years as after washing it carefully and trying to polish, the surface was still very rough.

Having searched for this thread, and finding it now stretches to 163 pages, I copied and read carefully posts 4, 5 and 6 from George of Detailed Images.

Now I have been working around motorbikes and cars for over 50 years and have never used clay before, but George's post convinced me to give it a try.

Here in Australia, many of the brands mentioned are not available, and after 7 years since the thread started, I am sure recommendations have changed, but who is going to read 163 pages to find the latest?

I purchased a pack of Mother's California Gold Clay Bar from my local Auto Store and set to work. For a few seconds you could feel the clay working and then it just glided over the surface. Even my 7-year-old grandson was amazed at the feel of the areas done compared to those yet to do.

Where has this stuff been? I was always scared to use such a product fearing it would scratch and damage the duco.

I am amazed and recommend those that have not tried it to do so.

I have still to polish the car but already it is looking magnificent.
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