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Originally Posted by Juliopinto03 View Post
For the wires with minor cracks on the sleeve do you recommend taping or adding one of these adaptors ?

I really didn't see major damage in the loom
A wire may be broken inside the insulation. If you don't have a light, you have a short or a break somewhere. Check with a 12 volt test light to ground. Or from battery (+) to ground wire or live wire to ground (-). If you use a joiner like in the photo you posted, you won't get the cables/wires back in the rubber tube, it will be tooo fat. That's why you need to fit a heat shrink sleeve then splice by stripping and twisting wires together. Fit heat shrink and then use ciggy lighter to shrink. Heat shrink is the easiest to use and cheap from auto shop. Bingo...done!
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