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Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
I have a good powerwasher at work. Would this be safe hosing the whole engine down? What needs to be covered? Does it need to fully dry to start it?
I circled in red what I think, in my noob BMW owner's opinion you should cover when machine washing the engine bay. I probably missed some areas, so seasoned e46'ers can point them out.

I have all rubber weather stripping, disa, icv, throttle body, maf, cabin filter housing, engine covers, upper/lower intake boots and airbox off the car already because I'm doing maintenance....so, electrical connections to some of those parts are not circled. Plus, it's easier cleaning the weather stripping and engine covers when they're removed anyway.

I did a quick once-over by hand with a 91% isopropyl alcohol & water mixture on everything except for plastic/rubber parts & hoses just so you can actually see what the parts are. The bay was 10x dirtier before & was driving me nuts to look at, but I'm not going to bother doing a proper job right now. Way too lazy lately.

Hope that helped somewhat. Good luck.

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