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Originally Posted by wrecklessfool View Post
Very interested in following this build as it's nearly identical to what I have in mind for mine when I return from deployment.

I have a couple questions about the fuel delivery system...

What do you plan to use as a fuel pump and what pressure do you hope to achieve at the fuel rail? Will you be using the stock fuel rail? Do you plan to use an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter? If so, can you give details? And lastly, are the Siemens 630cc injectors plug and play (compatible with stock DME) and where can I get my hands on some?

I currently have a turbo kit installed that uses my stock DME and have a pretty good idea of who will be performing the tune on your build. I'll be going to the same tuner when the time comes.
Car already has a walbro hi pressure 255lph intank pump. Planning to use stock lines, rail, and regulator assuming we have no issues. Siemens 630's are plug and play except they are slightly taller than the stock injectors. You will need to use spacers on the rail to bolt it down properly.

Motor progress

Oil squirters cleaned and reinstalled

Crank installed, Raceware main studs torqued, main cap supports installed

Raceware head studs installed with Wurth timeserts

Oil baffle modified for main studs

Shortblock assembled

Head gasket on

Head on and torqued

Cam tray studs installed

More soon!

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