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Originally Posted by Sneaky View Post
Worst part about dating a younger chick is having to hang out with her friends.
lol tell me about it. I was 26 dating a 20 year old and hanging out with her friends. the girls were ok but the guys were like fuucking 14 year olds.

Originally Posted by huyner328 View Post
My legitimate-EX has been going off on social media and posting stupid quote pictures, stupid statuses... basically a slue of passive aggressive posts. I really want to post something back but to this point, I've been holding back. Been thinking about posting a picture of me and a girl she thinks I'm dating now just to stir the pot.

Should I just sit back and let her do her thing or fire back a little?
I wouldn't. I'd at least wait a few more days so it doesn't look like it's because of what she is doing. Was it a bad break up?

Originally Posted by kushy View Post
oo drama. post the pic, I will comment on it how good you two look together on Facebook. Pot stirring will ensue.
that's actually pretty funny.
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