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free country lol

I remember we were walking alongside Atlantic City boardwalk and after putting the pack in my pocket and giving each of us one candy, an old man jumped from the bench and asked us for a cigarette.
"Hey, can you spare me a cigarette?"
"No sir, we don't have any."
"Come on, I just saw you's, can I just get one?"
My girlfriend started saying "These are not cigaret..." but he cut her off and blurted "I don't care, I'll try anything!"
So I gave him one, and he said "OH..." with the most dissapointed look on his face "'s candy!"
"That's what we were trying to tell you, sir"

And then I ate 'em all.

srsly they're delicious, yeah I would pretend as a little kid "oh look at me i have a cigarette" but after like 3 seconds you kinda just bit into it.

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