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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
Why are u calling them pieces of sh1t?

It's within their right
It may be within their right, but as journalists they are supposed to have a certain line they don't cross. Just like publishing the names and addresses of important witnesses, judges, law enforcement, etc. in trials or the addresses of grieving victims of a tragedy like Sandy Hook. This lacks moral and ethical integrity. There's no reason these people should have been targeted by the newspaper; they are law-abiding citizens who pose absolutely no threat to the safety of their neighborhoods. At the very least, there's zero evidence to say otherwise.

This now makes their homes targets for vandalism and burglary for those looking for firearms or those anger about Sandy Hook, etc. It also places them in a public spotlight where morons will ridicule them or threaten them. And it also endangers those households which aren't on the list because criminals have a little more confidence a weapon isn't present in the home.

Guns are valuable property. Just like expensive jewelery or electronics, their owners don't want everyone knowing what they have because it makes them a target. The registration information that they managed to get a hold of through the FOI Act should have been sealed, except to LEO. The State takes this information not for the benefit of the public, but for LE agencies and their affiliates. Not only that, but some firearms insurance companies that provide both property and liability coverage will refuse to insure or drastically raise the rates, based on the peril in which the weapons lie. This information being broadcast so publicly increases that risk to insurers and the insured, thus potentially raising the costs.

Bottom line: it's ridiculous. Its a blatant violation of journalistic code and all ethics or morals. They rightly deserve the backlash they're receiving.

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