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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Sounds like the fuel pump died, this is not unusual.

Hopefully it has less than 3/4 tank of fuel in the tank.

Forget about the Voltage readings, this almost always throws everyone. What you are likely measuring is a supervisory Voltage that the DME is sending to the fuel pump. You will only get 12 Volts during cranking or during the 2-3 second prime window. Even then you may miss the 12 Volts depending on how and what you are doing to measure the Voltage.

The fuel pump relay is located behind the glovebox. You need to remove the glovebox door and glovebox liner to access it.

The horn and fuel pump relay are interchangeable if you need to swap them.

Suggest you replace the fuel pump anyway, also order a fuel filter, it does not need to be changed at this moment, but get is changed in the next week or so. I really recommend fuel filters changed every 30k miles based upon all the black scum about 90% of these filters have in them when cutting them open for inspection.

Excellent. Thank you.

Just ordered a new fuel pump and gasket (Will follow your advise elsewhere on this thread to correctly install the gasket).

Unfortunately, the tank has just over 7/8 of fuel so sounds like I will need to deal with a bit of spilled fuel. Fortunately the car is on the driveway. Any tips on dealing with this?

I removed the glove box and found four relays in a row; reading from left to right their colors are light green, light green, orange, light green. Can you tell me which one is the fuel pump relay?

Will also follow your advise on getting a new fuel filter installed in the next week or two.

Thank you again for all your help!
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