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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Agree 10000%. Brother

Take these things off the shelves

My kid was given them at a birthday party. I grabbed them and threw them in the trash

My kid knows smoking is disgusting and will tell you to your face. Lol
Its your job as a parent to keep it away from them, not the governments job to keep it off the shelves. If I gave your kid a bottle of jack and a pack or real camels, should we ban those too? Your train of thought (guns and this) is not can't be for "freedom" of one and not of another. If you are all for gun rights, then you are all for a shopkeep's right to sell whatever they please, so long as it is legal. You cant cherry pick liberty at your convenience. Banning these gummy cigs, banning mcdonalds, banning tv, banning violent videogames and banning soda have equal good intentions and merit.

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