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Originally Posted by ThEnder View Post
I'm surprised. You are for nearly zero restrictions on guns but you support a ban on candy cigarettes?
Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
I'm surprised by JJ's response too. For someone who is so open to personal freedom and liberties.
I figured you guys would be surprised. Training kids to smoke is not "freedom or liberty" to me.

Target marketing a deadly, addictive poison towards children is completely different than water or cap guns. For the record, I don't 100% agree with toy guns either. I think some of them are fine and depending on HOW kids play with them matters. Playing "cowboy" or super soakers is completely different than "I'm GOING TO KILL YOU! Bang bang! You're DEAD!!!" is not child play that I approve of or will allow around me or my kids. Would you support the sale of toys called "Serial killer" or an action figure "hero" of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. How about an "easy bake oven" type toy called "Meth Lab!"?

PS: I'm pro choice too AND support the legalization of weed (mind blown)

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