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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Of course I can... I'm a voter. I can certainly form my own opinions, consult with my represenatives, assist with lobby, exposure and pushing legislation I feel strongly about. Of course I can also argue, debate and get defensive all I want. Do you live in the same country as me?

AR15's, cigarettes and alcohol are illegal for those under age (18 or 21).
Marketing these items to kids under the age of 4 is just wrong.

Food we consume (LEGAL for all ages) is of course the parents responsibility to oversee. You are comparing sugar to guns for a 3 year old? Really?

Joe Camel was teaching kids to smoke... hence why you haven't see a cigarette commercial on TV in decades. Imagine a Marlboro commercial being played at 1pm on the Sprout channel in between Barney and Spongebob. Marketing a cig commercial at a primetime TV hour, on a childrens channel during cartoons is the same thing as marketing candy cigs as a candy for kids.

1) You are right, and I said that very thing...guns, cigs, and booze are all REGULATED. Gum is not, thus, you cannot tell anyone that they can't sell it. It is a food product, and should not be regulated just like snickers and rock candy.

2) You do see beer commercials during afternoon tv. So what? Is your kid jonesing for a 6 pack? Is your kid trying to be Mr. The most Interesting Man in the world? Your argument doesn't hold a drop of water. Those commercials are gone, but teen smoking is up...it seems odd to me that someone like you, who clearly understands the consequences of banning things, doesn't see the fact that this simply isn't right. Use your own kid as an example. Big league chew and these smokey gums are readily available, yet your kid hates cigs, will tell people they are bad, and wont smoke themselves...seems like you did your part, and thats all that's needed...why the need for the ban? Do you support banning tobacco products altogether? Seems like you should, since if you want to bank kiddie smokes, it only makes sense to ban the adult ones as well.

You are right about the first part though...you have the right to vote accordingly, but that wasn't my point. My point was that your logic makes no sense to me (it doesn't have to, just for debate's sake.)

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