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Originally Posted by ThEnder View Post
This makes solid sense. Honestly I've never seen a candy cigarette so I don't have much to go on. While I'm generally against blanket bans, your argument is pretty convincing.

Toy guns are particularly interesting, I think you really hit the nail on the head. It's not really the object that matters most of the time, but the context in which it is marketed and used.

PS, not surprised but agreed on both other positions.
Exactly. Context.

I have no problem with these being sold, but to market them DIRECTLY to children is my beef. They are a gimmack, party favor, etc that many adults might want to use... Think 50's theme party or something.

What's portrayed in this picture and putting them on store shelves next to kids toys and stuff is COMPLETELY different

Seriously... it's 2013 in a couple days... people still smoke? Don't you know by now how visually and olfactorily disgusting you are to everyone around you?

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