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subframe bushings

Does anyone have an opinion on the benefits of using solid subframe bushings without the reinforcement kit. One school of thought is that the rubber bushings allow the subframe to "wind up" and put undo stress on the chassis mounting points. The other school of thought is that the softer mounts help protect the chassis from tearing. Besides the depth (cost) of installation I can't install the TMS reinforcement kit without negating my warranty but the bushings would likely go unnoticed. I'm a long time autocrosser and track day participant in my E30 and I keep reading things that make me think I bought a chassis made of craft paper in the E46. I plan to install the front strut tower reinforcement plates as well as rear shock mounts as preventative maintenance along a modified CDV valve for better feel. The E30 will still be the toss-around car but I'd like to think that once I can get and LSD in the E46 I will be able to have some fun with it without constantly worrying about suffering a failure. Mine is a later version ('04, ZHP package) and from what i've read the chassis tear is quite less common at this point. I guess I'm fishing for some reassurance as well as information. Thanks.
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