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Debating 2013 STI for DD and AutoX Duty

With finally getting a job, comes time to get a new car for DD and a AWD car. I bum a car off my parents now for winter.

Company policy requires a 4-door.

So, I was considering the thought of buying a '13 Subaru STI or WRX (don't really know much yet) and modding into STU. Sure as hell would be cheaper and easier to be competitive with that car, and I don't have to worry about breaking anything on the M where it would cost twice as much. I would track the car as well (probably only once or twice a year). My thought is that the STI has a diff controller already, BBK, more boost...etc. It would be smarter to invest into a car like that rather than buying a WRX and adding this stuff later on.

The M would just be a weekend and summer car for me.

So anyone with valuable opinions please chime in.

Going to test drive a STI Saturday, I will hop into a WRX as well probably. Mainly looking at the 5-door, I like them. Not looking to purchase until June-Oct of next year. Just thinking ahead.

The only thing that concerns me is the dreaded ringland failure.

Would consider a Evo X. But after I add HID headlights the price skyrockets. Not to mention I have to have leather in order to have heated seats....etc. Still considering this as an option as well.

Please and thank you.
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