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Some updates on my car, today took it to Pruven Performance down the road here in Milford to get some baseline numbers before I throw in my custom stage 3 intake and eurocharge tune. Not sure if most of you know, but my current setup is basically bone stock, except for Dinan Exhaust and Resonator delete. Most intake systems out there dyno a loss to a minimal gain for the S85 (1-2hp max). However there has been a stage 3 intake system that retails for about $1500 - $2000 that creates a true cold air intake system with the cones sitting behind the kidney grills. Problem is, these systems utilize very cheap parts (ie. no name filters, rubber elbows) to maximize the profits of their systems. I went ahead and built my own system, nearly identical to theirs for a fraction of the cost. Not only is it cheaper, but I am utilizing two billet aluminum maf flanges, two AEM dry flow 3"x5" cones and blue silicone elbows rather than rubber, creating a higher end product. Next week I will dyno with just the cones, and the week after with the tune as well. If my results are as expected, I will begin to produce and sell these intakes on my own. Without further adue, the dyno videos and numbers.

Dynojet Dyno Runs
First Run 393 whp (realized he only ran to 8000 instead of 8200)

Second Run 419 whp

Third Run 419 whp

After SAE Correction numbers came out to 411whp however we could not get a good reading on the torque. The individual running the dyno said that sometimes you need to pop the housing off of one of the coil packs to get an accurate reading bc bmw insulates their coils heavily making it difficult to read. Next week I will be doing another three runs with the Stage 3 intake system on, then another 3 runs after the tune the week after that. I am trying to prove that this system is worthwhile. If my assumptions are correct we should look at around a 5whp gain without a tune and a significant bump with a tune. I will also try to get the torque reading issues worked out. Any input from any of you guys to try and get an accurate torque reading with a dynojet?
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