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Just found this DIY and set it to favorites!

I can hear my pulleys making noise now that the temps are getting colder. I was going to do these soon and ordered the parts from Pelican... But then I started thinking about the water pump... Then the hoses... Then the expansion tank, etc...

I also want to look into replacing the manual clutch fan with the electric fan. My thoughts right now are that the auto has two fans (maybe) for a reason. From what I have read... You remove the clutch fan and the front ux fan on the automatic versions and then you install the electric fan using the sensor from the front fan. I would assume that the front fan, on an automatic, would turn on at times that it as about to overheat. (IE, the clutch stopped working correctly.)

If you replace the clutch fan with an electric fan using that logic... The new electric fan would only come on at the preset temp saying the car was in overheat mode. Is this correct?

Can anyone shoot holes in that logic? (Please!) I'd like to upgrade but am unsure because of this.
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