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Just FYI the "basic" 599 will do video editing and stuff via go pro perfectly fine. It will encode and export those with no problems.

You can even do large scale batch processing via Adobe with no problems either.

It will just be a few seconds slower to a few minutes depending on how large of a scale projects are if you do need to do them at all

For example . A quad will encode a Dvd video via dvdflick in like twenty five minutes. A core duo at that clock speed will do the same in thirty five Real world difference when using it for what you will be using ... nil as the slow spinning hdd will probably be your bottleneck on both machines.

For the money Apple is never real value but the 599 will work great for you out of the box if you're sure set on mac.

I would even say that you can build a shuttle pc that's faster and better with quad core and solid state for that price but it would not be an Apple.

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