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Ring gear installed, bearings installed for test fit up into milled case:

happy gears rarely seen through center capsule portal

Note scribe line in middle of LSD capsule unit; Factory mark for WBS Vin number //M car (e36M3 or e36/7 z3M) LSD unit.

Billet spacer made for inner spider stack adjustment:

Oiling grooves cut on both sides on digital mill with ball hone:

Where this pretty Billet piece lives: (undercover)

Precision ground Clutch steel to match precision ground center ramps: This is a stock 25% locking unit setup with Porsche Clutch discs for an everyday use Automatic (ESS kit) Street car:

happy spiders (everything has been hot tanked to not have a repulsive odor):

Belleville washer retained to prolong service interval on internals.

high lubrication style late model spider cross bars and gears:

stack me up.

The Center stack is aligned and fitted with spiders, discs, everything:

Side stubs Machined to fit C-clip grooves of E36M LSD:


LSD dreamers thread
WSG Billet CNC LSD production Development
S54B32+E36 1997 M3 Sedan+DTA S100 alpha N

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