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Originally Posted by maurer View Post
Cant believe that guy offered you 8k for a car thats prob worth atleast20k
Sadly, he is doing that to most of us with our FS threads here. In one thread, he says he is just taking advantage of the bad economy... I suppose in some crazy world, he is entitled to do that, but in my humble opinion, his offers are downright insulting, and I understand that is the "intended effect" but for the love of God, at least spare the threads where the seller request the posters NOT to low ball, like in my thread.

To the OP, forgive me if I have steered the thread else where, from selling your car. I just came in here cause we both own 04's. Sorry to hear about your Son, I will keep him and your family in my well wishes and prayers. May he get better ASAP.

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