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Originally Posted by A4RingedONE8T View Post
Thank you! Don't have another PM from you?

haha Thanks! We did things a little backwards =D
Just tried to pm you again, but just in case it doesnt go through again, here's a copy and paste...

My car is a 2000 S52 m roadster and it definitely has brake ducts, with rectangular holes guiding the air to the discs. It also has a tube on the driver's side integrated into the duct that feeds cool air into the air box.

The car has had several previous owners and if what you're saying is true then maybe they put the ducts in from the later 2001 and up roadsters. Beats me.

And when I say brake ducts, I should now be saying brake duct, singular, since my voyage to Austin, TX from San Diego, CA claimed the passenger side brake duct and the front splitter I had on that side. My fabricated supports held up though! Hanging on to a chunk of carbon fiber.

And my car is definitely a genuine s52 m roadster. The VIN, etc. confirms it, so the brake duct thing is quite baffling.

Anyway, thanks for the info and the tip about which sort of turbo to go with. If you want to see pics of my car, you can check out my Facebook page. It's at Facebook.com/Marcus.rios.311

And thanks for getting back to me.

If you have time to answer another question, what would happen if I did what I did when I turbo'd my Miatas. No computer work, just bigger injectors, and a vortec boost dependent fuel management unit, with the right innards to keep the a/f ratio at a nice 14.7 to 1? Would the computer freak out and go into some sort of limp home mode or just give it all it's got in terms of injector pulse width based on the readings it would get from the MAF?

Thanks man. Really appreciate the help. And again, your setup is beautiful. I especially like that awesome intake manifold.

Take it easy.
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