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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
Emotional investment in inanimate objects is a waste of time at best, generally a sign of immaturity and/or a lack of sense, or symptom of mental illness at worst.

Valuing things over people is always a bad idea.
I would agree that I do occasionally waste time, I can be immature which sometimes causes a lack of sense. I don't agree that we should willy nilly allow people to do what the wish with my car because I value them as a person and not my car.

As an insurance salesman, I ask this. By you valuing people and allowing a friend to take your car, he is hot dogging down 66 ( I know unrealistic in the devils ass hole) and slams into the back of a mini van and kills a family. While he is responsible (his insurance) you still are financially liable because you enabled the usage.

I know, "I would never let someone irresponsible behind the wheel of the car." The fact of the matter is valuing your investment and making smart decisions to not put your self in a position where you can be liable for financial obligation for the rest of you life because of someones else's actions in my opinion is the common sense thing to do.

My father who is a retired state trooper in VA, taught me something 13 year ago when I started driving. NEVER let anyone borrow your car unless it is an emergency. Now maybe he has a pessimistic point of view because he served the state for 30 years dealing with the $h!t scum of the earth, but I think that is something that stuck in my head and I value to this day.

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