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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
But the beauty of engineering cars is that they are targeted towards the widest range of users possible - everyone from a 16-yr old beginner to a grandma to a soccer mom to an enthusiast to a total novice. Anytime automotive engineers introduce a new safety, emissions or performance enhancing technology, we take this into account in the underlying engineering Whereas aircraft, space vehicles and ships are meant for usage by highly trained personnel. Cars have the greatest outreach in terms of sheer numbers and penetration. IMO that's one of the things that make engineering cars interesting. I'm a car guy and I'm motivated by the performance and engineering of cars, but I'm not really turned on by things that fly or sail.. I've thought about why, and maybe this is why.. Different strokes for different folks!
It is considerably more difficult to design for a user base that can range in intelligence from high IQ to dumb as a box of frogs. Especially when its you that gets the sh*t if the dumb ones do something typically dumb and get messed up as a result. Give me a one (maybe two) off space shuttle to develop any time.
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