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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
Why is it so hard for people to understand that the second amendment was written under a very different reality?
At the time, when firearms referred to muskets, all you needed was arming people with enough muskets to effectively counter the government.
This was also emerging from an oppressive foreign government.
In today's reality, if the government wanted to oppress you, they have tanks, laser guided missiles and chemical weapons, to name a very few. None of your fancy schmancy AK-47's will do a dent.
Besides, the government is our own people. Would they really shoot their own brothers and fathers? It's more effective to educate everybody.

For the "purists" that stick to the "it was written by our all wise beyond reproach forefathers" argument, if they were so wise we wouldn't need an amendment to begin with, would we?
Explain how fighting the government is useless and futile to the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mention it to the successful revolution in Libya, and the ongoing one in Syria.

I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it and gladly trade everything in for bolt-action small caliber varmint rifles.
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