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Originally Posted by wildirish317 View Post
Actually, engineering offers a bunch of career paths. I'm currently in HVAC, but I've been a plant engineer in a coal fired power plant, and a plant engineer in a bourbon distillery. Everything you see (that is not natural, with the exception of corn, but that's another story) has been touched by an engineer. An engineer was involved in the design and production of the keys you are using to type your reply to this, not to mention the computer you are using.....

I enjoy the work I do in the building industry. It allows me to see the factories where things are made, and how they are made. It allows me to design and install HVAC systems that ensure that proper ventilation and comfort are provided to the people that spend 40+ hours per week in these buildings. It also allows me to work with the mechanics that install the piping and ductwork and equipment that makes all this happen. Some of them have been around long enough to know more than I do about what works, and what doesn't work.

I've been practicing engineering since 1984, and I learn something new every day. I couldn't imagine a better life for me than this.

The automotive industry is very competitive for engineers. When I graduated, I was not the type (and am still not) that could work in the corporate environment of the automotive industry. I chose a different path, and am very happy with my choice.
For sure engineering offers a variety of paths than one can take. I should have been more clear when talking about engineering, but what I meant to say was mechanical engineering, which cowmoo32 responded to my post already. If someone is a mechanical engineer I assume that they want to work on something automotive related, but it seems like a huge let down if they are most likely going to work on HVAC systems don't you think? When I think of a person that works on HVAC systems I tend to think of a janitor or someone that just needs to go to trade school, but I guess I had the wrong idea.

I am trying to break into a software engineering role, so I am an engineer in the sense that I "design and develop things," but everyone knows that software engineers are not considered as real engineers lol. I enjoy what I do everyday and it gives me a little bit of freedom and a chance to use my creativity on selected projects. I got into this field doing what I excepted to do everyday: code. I feel like if you are majoring in mechanical engineering you kind of expect to do one thing, but in reality end up doing another (from how others talk about it). As for other types of engineering (Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Computer), I think they also end up doing what they expect to do.

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