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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
i understand the whole competition thing and camaraderie among CFers that rises almost to the level of a cult or a brotherhood. i just wanted to know if i was missing something else. i thought that maybe the combination of two things at once made them worth even more than the sum of their parts
Good conditioning programming can indeed make two tasks better than the sum of the parts. A lot of CF stuff is not smart though unfortunately. I like the idea of having various movements thrown into a workout so that you are fatiguing one set of muscles and then moving on to something else while those muscles recover. It allows for a lot of work to get done in a short amount of time.

Take for example a workout I have done a few times:

5 rounds of:
6 135lb Clean and Jerks
30 doubleunders (jumping rope where the rope passes under you twice every time you jump)

I can do the 6 clean and jerks unbroken pretty easily and the weight is light enough that I'm not going to hurt myself with it even if form suffers a little bit. The doubleunders keep me breathing hard but allow me to recover so I can do the next set of clean and jerks underbroken. I usually get the whole thing done in under 5:00 and its a lot of work in that short of time. Good bang for your buck when time is at a premium....
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