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Jack Williams Tire and Auto: Total Fail, kept my car for 5 hours to tell me they couldn't do it.. would have been $69
Another local shop: Fail but better service, at least they told me on the phone they couldn't do it, would have been $99.00
local 3rd party BMW shop: closed until after Jan 2
Daniels BMW:... calling them is why i hate dealerships, they were very nice but it was expensive and i felt like a number. First i get the operator.. then the scheduler, who says they are booked until past new year.. can't tell me the price... forwarded to service.. nobody picks up... left a voicemail. I just looked on their website and their "Holiday Special" is $169.95.. it must be close to $200... fail on price and customer service, but not out of the running

So is it really worth $200? I might do it if they could actually get me done before the new year but I have no time to screw around once I go back to work January 2.

Thanks for the heads up on the steering wheel angle. I bet I can use my scanner to tell me the perceived angle and compare that to the strings (should I go that way).

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