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Originally Posted by JiMMyM3 View Post
A sc kit would cost you 3500 on top of other bolt ons you would buy. Just look at the zr1, with a mild eaton supercharger the car comes with 638hp stock. Cam full exhaust throttle body etc plus the sc will get you to 800 hp, and i guarantee it will be cheaper than the other engines you brought up.
A 2jz isint the end all be all of engines, I mean the engine was created over 20 years ago. The lsx is much a much newer platform.

No you're right, I'm not doubting your words or anything lol.
I'll look some info up on the ls1.
But still.. the 2JZ's internals was built to hand 250% of its stock power.
How much power can the LS handle before you have to rebuild the internals?
Although the LS maybe be considered more reliable because they're N/A, I'd personally rather have a nice turbo bolted on.
I also think the 2JZ or even the SR if modded heavily, sound better than an N/A LS.

If the LS swap could be that powerful and could be that cheap, I'm sure everyone would be doing it... I see more SR20's, JZ's, and RB25's being built.
I'm not saying 2JZ or go home, but it is one of the best motors out there, regardless of how old it is. Why do you think most people would kill for a Supra?

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