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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Ok. I get it now. Word of advise. Don't put all your faith in MVC or even MS for that matter. If all you do is spoon feed on MS and .Net you will never undestand the fundamentals of software development. I always refer to .Net as the .Net lego set. Its little blocks of code that you assemble in accordance with the instructions on the lid. You really need to be aiming for platform independance. When you can build an application end to end with nothing more than a text editor and a compiler then you will be a software developer. As your software career develops in the commercial world you will find that you start to come across more complex requirements that can't be delivered by plugging .Net framework blocks together. You will need to be capable of designing more and more of your own custom classes in order to deliver the solution.
Thanks for that advice. Working with these IDEs is of course not going to give you the whole picture of the SWE development cycle. I am aware about requirements gathering, designing, implementing, testing and maintaining software, but as a student it is hard to break into the more practical stuff. What do you suggest I do to get more practical experience? I have done quite a bit of work with web development and databases, but these projects are still at the amateur level. Now I am starting to get into building mobile apps for Android and getting involved in open-source projects. Besides that I am not sure what else I can do until I start working. I do like how you mention that I should be able to build software with nothing more than a text editor and a compiler because I prefer to do it this way, but when you work at a company they have their own ways of doing things, so I have to be familiar with this kind of software whether I like it or not.
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