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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Same reality, different time. The people only had muskets, but so did the army.
Present day, the people should (and do) have the right to own fully automatic arms as well. They are heavily taxed and regulated which needs to change. As far as tanks, missiles, etc. If someone can afford it, absolutely.

Your argument about nuclear, chemical, etc weapons and that the governments military would defeat the citizens is weak.

We did it before and can certainly do it again. It only took 3% of us

If it came to that, plenty of military would side with civilians and refuse to use arms against their own.

And if you look at it from a numbers game... the military doesn't stand a chance in hell in defeating regular citizens. They are out numbered and out gunned

All of this is just "talk" obviously... a well armed country is enough weight to prevent governments from overreaching out of fear. Just like having the most nuclear weapons is enough to scare out a nuclear war from happening. Fvck with the balance of that perceptual scale... and you get what you get
in other words, **** happens, and you're fine with mass murders. gotcha.

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