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Originally Posted by Sforza209 View Post
Hey man that's so good stuff you Have been doing. I just read this whole topic and I've seen that you have really improved in all aspects of weight lifting! I'm 23 and have been working out for like 6 years! I have never really worked on my diet but I feel like I know the fitness part well. I took a two year hiatus and I never really realized how out of Shape I've got. I just got back into the gym about four months ago and after two months of working out I hit a plateau. My friend is a cross fit trainer and he showed me a new way of exercising which is a lot of sets and a lot of reps with heavyweight! and that has increased my muscle strength and everything tenfold!
thanks! not sure what your crossfit trainer showed you, but if you are comfortable with posting your situation on here we can all help you with your diet / workout choices and make sure you aren't doing anything dumb.

feels like forever since I've been in a gym, but it's been less than a week. I rested the ankle over the weekend, and while I was away for the holidays the last four days I did the following exercises twice (no workout equipment was available)

Tyson 15 Style Pushups (1 rep, get up, touch wall in front of you, back down, 2 reps, get up etc)

Completed 10 rounds (55 pushups total) and couldn't get anymore reps. One of my personal goals is to be able to complete all 15 rounds eventually.

3 sets of 15 Tricep "Bench" Dips (A couch and a bed in this case)

3 sets of 60 second planks

3 sets of 33 bodyweight squats

3 sets of 20 situps

Nothing I could do any variation of pullups on

Didn't overeat, just focused on eating close to maintenance to limit fat gain / hopefully burn some off

gf's family thought i was strange

back at it on monday when I'm home
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