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Originally Posted by scowil View Post
So with this job you are basiclly just getting a $xxx a month car allowance? Are they paying any gas or insurance? If are providing insurance you may need to look at tracking the car and such.
Yes, $xxx amount each month and 100 gallons each month. I'll provide my own insurance.

Originally Posted by Fergo_the_mule View Post
Go for the scoob! I like the look of it more, Evo Xs are just...huge.
Length: Sub: 174 Mit: 177
Width: Sub: 70.7 Mit: 71.3
Height: Sub: 57.9 Mit: 58.3
Wheelbase: Sub 103.3 Mit: 104.3
Ground Clearance: Sub 5.9 Mit: 5.5

It's not really that huge when you look at the specs

Originally Posted by fckupayme View Post
Love the STis. Stop thinking about it.

Test driving both tomorrow.
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