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Was out greasing up the lock cylinder in the M3 and figured out a cool, simple way to disable the steering wheel lock:

1. Remove lower steering column trim.
2. With key in position 1, insert pin and remove lock cylinder. Leave pin inserted for installation.
3. Look into the hole where the lock cylinder used to be and you'll see the locking shaft with a slot in it as well as the separate 2-toothed cylinder that surrounds it. Our goal is to reverse the 2-toothed cylinder.
4. Using flat-head screwdriver, turn locking shaft CCW towards position 0. The 2-toothed cylinder has a tab/key that keeps it in the locking shaft bore. Once it lines up with the 10 o'clock position, it'll slide right out. You'll notice that you probably can't quite turn the shaft CCW far enough to get it to line up, so...
5. Unclip ignition switch.
6. Turn locking shaft slightly CCW until key on 2-toothed cylinder lines up with notch and remove 2-toothed cylinder. You'll see a spring left behind it on the lock shaft.
7. Flip 2-toothed cylinder around so that the indentations that correspond to the back of the lock cylinder now face into the bore instead of outward.
8. Insert 2-toothed cylinder back into locking bore, using screwdriver to align the teeth onto the locking shaft. The tab/key will catch on the first groove (which is for the lock cylinder retainer) so be sure to insert all the way until the tab/key reaches the second groove farther in. Note that the wheel is now unlocked.
9. Rotate lock shaft and 2-toothed cylinder CW slightly to position 0 and install ignition switch.
10. With the lock shaft rotated to position 1 (slot roughly vertical), install lock cylinder.

A lot of words, but not much actual effort. I can do a proper DIY with pics if anyone needs clarification.
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