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2JZ can handle about 450-550rwhp in 100% stock longmotor form depending on tune/fueling/everything else.
I have built 2jz from scratch, tuned it. Gone to the TX mile (Staged RHD Single T MK4 Supra in front of the Underground Racing V10TT lambo when it pulled a 250mph pass)

GT35R/GT40R would be the item to use for stock toyota head/short block with OEM parts engine; you wont have traction in 1/2/3 gears with a manual transmission car.

Transmission and driveline choices for 2J are less ideal than the nicer BMW drivelines that are plug and play.

end of the day story is to turbocharge the OEM bmw engine and use the stock DME remapped. Build the engine if more than 400rwhp is needed

LSD dreamers thread
WSG Billet CNC LSD production Development
S54B32+E36 1997 M3 Sedan+DTA S100 alpha N

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