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Originally Posted by ruskisky View Post
I've lent out my Honda Civic to a friend for 2 months while I was away. It comes back with Hello Kitty stickers all over the center console, glove compartment... pretty much stickers everywhere. I couldn't believe that he allowed his girlfriend to just tack on random **** that was not his. Also, he said he made it louder.. which is just complete neglect of the exhaust system by removing the muffler. I wanted to crash it into a pole on the ride home.

Anyways, that was my honda.. I only lend out cars to family (I wouldn't even call it lending, it's FAMILY).

I've let my girlfriend drive my car and she's the only one so far. She only stalled once ^_^ but it was in a parking lot.

I can't stand people who put their feet up. Recline your ass all the way back and keep your feet on the goddamn floor.
Shitty friend. You should **** his car up and tell him how you made it better.
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