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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I know I was just messiin' around with you about being newer. The E46 is already 7-14yrs old, and E9x series already old.

Give it a test drive and check the upkeep on it. At close to 100,000 miles it will need several things fixed and easily make that price jump even more. It's a 330 and they last for the most part. But again it's a 330 with a option package and plenty are coming up much lower priced than that lately on the forum. But area makes a big change in price. People with the second to third hand bought Performance Package on a 330 thinking it's some highly unobtainable car asking higher than normal prices is just comical. So they like to hype the car to get it to reach higher prices. But on a forum like this dedicated to the E46 you won't find this able to take hold. We know about the E46s in detail.
Go to zhpmafia site if you want to hear it's worth $15,000 dollars.

But what someone is willing to pay at a certain time is what a car is "worth". So after it has a PPI think it over and don't jump the gun.
Only thing I notice in the new photos posted is it has had the shift knob changed. What color is that? if it's an INDIVIDUAL color special purchased it could be worth that $15k to the right buyer.
It's orient blue metallic. A fairy rare color but not individual

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