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2005 E46 325CI, Steptronic transmission, fully loaded (heated seats, H/K sound system, backup parking sensor, real leather seats, Bi-Xenon, sunroof, bluetooth, autodimming mirrors, etc)

Bought it at 75k miles around 5 months ago for 13k cash. Metallic blue, limo tint. Lightly driven, not abused. Even though for the last 4 months, the hood stays open more often then not due to a myriad of little issue. Had to do VANOS seals, DISA, PCV and Oil Separator, countless new O-ring seals and assorted amount of gaskets. Valve Cover gasket, spark plugs, bushings, various trim pieces and weather stripping, entire Headlight/Windshield washer system.

Recently I'm been combating the infamous P0171 and P0174 (correct me if I'm wrong with the digits) Bank 1 and 2 too lean..... Tore off the intake manifold apart thinking its some pain in the ass vacuum leak. The employees at O'reily's and Autozone know me as "that dude who always come in to borrow the OBD2 to reset check engine lights" Hell I would invest in a good scanner if I had any ****ing money left. Right now it looks like a new MAF unit is high up on the list.

Alot... if not the majority of drivers out there would called it quits but I can't get enough of this ****. My friends think I'm nuts for putting up with all these little issue, much less actually kinda enjoying tackling the challenge. My family thinks I'm tweaking balls for spending all night in the garage instead of sleeping. The Homeowners association hates my guts for punishing the hood with unsightly views of my garage due the garage door being open all the time. Apparently I can't even wash my own car in my own driveway , heaven forbid some motor oil leak onto the sidewalk.

But its all worthwhile after a quick spin around the neighborhood, be mobbing the city streets, windows down smoking a cigarette, committing noise pollution via obscenely loud radio and with that unmistakeable RAWR & PURR only a bimmer can make. Gotta love squeezing the chicken **** out of that inline-six.

Got to say ze people back in Bravia is earning their keep with another repeat customer. Its like crack but on wheels . Kinda makes up for war-profiting during WWII when the company built airplane engines to help ze Luftwaffe bomb half of Europe.

Only thing I regret is not getting a 330 instead of a 325, and spending all this time on this post when I could be prostrating in the garage.

Oh yeah, don't forget the (lack-of) money. I think some people call it being a broke-college student. Oh well,
Damn, your car has more problems than my car! I thought my car was bad...

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How much did you pay for your bags?
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