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Couple of thoughts on this. For me, neither the car battery nor the key fob battery has been damaged at all by raising/lowering the top without the engine running. Replaced my oem battery last year after 9 1/2 years, and I would say I probably use the key for this 75% of the time. Also, it seems like cars come set up in very different ways, whether done at the factory or at the dealer, I don't know which. Currently, my top cannot be opened by the method mentioned here. Unlocking with the fob unlocks both doors are once on both keys. And - and this is a bonus, as far as I'm concerned - my car does not make any audible noises if I fail to put the set belt on. Just a light on the dash comes on. Also - personal seat & mirror settings are per key, and with two key fobs, I think that gives me six different personal settings. Last also - my auto temperature setting comes in two versions - one for top up, one for top down. I'm sure that's not unique, but I haven't noticed anyone else mentioning this.
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