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So I've got a 6920 sitting around. Sell it to buy a DD MK18?

Copied my thread from arfcom.

I have a Colt 6920 sitting in my closet collecting dust. Now, I'm not one to be a complete dick and capitalize on the current state of things, but I'm also realistic. At the moment, I could sell it for like $2000 tomorrow, maybe a little more.

Anyway, local dealer has Daniel Defense MK18s in stock for like $13xx + taxes, etc. So, theoretically, I could sell the 6920, buy the MK18, pay the tax, and still be left with a few hundred to play with for an optic or something maybe.

Understandably, I expect to get a few comments saying I'm price gouging. And I can understand those arguments, but I see it as simple supply and demand. We don't criticize dealers for making a profit on their goods, like pmags they probably buy for $6-8 and sell for $12-16. It's just simple supply and demand.

With those thoughts in mind, what I'm really looking for is an opinion on the long-term benefits of one over the other. Does anyone see an advantage to owning one over the other at the moment?

Just for reference, I already have in my collection 2 SBRs and a Colt M16. The 6920 is the only non-nfa AR that I have at the moment. And I'll soon have a Noveske 10.x inch 5.56 upper, so that might negate some of the greatness that is a DD mk18 in the same length. Not sure

All opinions welcome and appreciated.

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