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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Honestly, I would hang on to it. If you're not desperate for money, it's better to hang on to it. If an AWB of any form passes, Grandfathered guns will be worth their weight in gold. If you need something down the line, you don't have to worry because you have the pre-ban lower. OR, if there's a ban, the value of the rifle will skyrocket.

Now, if you do want to sell it for money and take advantage of this frenzy, you should be going for paydirt. If you're gonna price-gouge, don't pussyfoot around; really gouge the **** out of it. Start at $3000 or $3500 or something like that. Leaves room for bargaining, but it also opens the door for some desperate numbnuts to scoop it up at your price. Given the panicked state of the market, you can really play some games and probably convince someone to give you some ridiculous amount of money.
I've been watching the market and prices have settled a bit. I think the max I could get out of it is $2200-2500 at the moment.

The DD is in stock right now. And it's already made and pre-ban. So essentially, I'd be swapping the Colt for the DD and some cash. I couldn't have the weapon until at least June or July, but it would still be grandfathered I think. And I don't know if I bought it whether or not getting the upper early and leaving the lower is an option. Then I could throw it on one of my SBR lowers right now.

You're right though...if there is a ban, and it doesn't require all of them get entered into the NFA database and allows for transfer of grandfathered weapons, the 16 would be more valuable, as more people could buy it.

Decisions, decisions...

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