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Originally Posted by tl227 View Post
I bought zimmerman rotors and textar pads and they are both done and its only been a year. Looking through the forum this seems to be normal for the pads but everyone loves zimmerman rotors. Their have been a couple of posts I have found that says they are soft but only a few. Is this normal? Is there a harder rotor that will last longer and give equal performance? Balo, Brembo?

Not nearly enough information.

How many miles in a year? If 3,000 then you have a problem, if 30,000 then nothing is wrong.
If you rest your foot on the brake pedal as you drive, then stop. This pisses everybody off and it wears your brakes down in a year's time.
If you drive in heavy stop-n-go traffic, and use the brakes a lot, then nothing is wrong. If you follow closely and constantly use the brakes, instead of maintain a following distance of 3 or 4 seconds and use the space to coast, then you will use the brakes much faster.

Just because you are replacing brakes does not mean ANYTHING. You have to look at how you drive to know if something more needs to be done.

I have brakes on my car for several years now, but I only drive it about 4,000 miles and mostly have a highway profile. And I drive with a 3 second separation between me and the car ahead, so when the car in front of the car in front of me hits the brakes, I can merely lift off of the gas and coast until I catch up, and by then they are usually off the brake and back on the gas, I have not even touched the brake pedal while everybody in front is doing nose-dives as they seek to avoid slamming into each other.

Obviously, your mileage may vary. But the point is, you can't merely say, I put brakes on a year ago and they are toast, what's wrong? What's wrong might be you. What's wrong might be perfectly normal from a mechanical perspective, the only thing to fix is what you are doing. Nobody knows if this is true or not, except you.

So, how many miles in the year? Do you drive in a heavy braking environment? Do you drive in a manner that creates a heavy braking environment?
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