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Originally Posted by Lair View Post
If I felt unsafe enough to consider buying an AK for protection, I'd take that AK money and use it for a down payment on a house in a safer neighborhood.

I don't really care that people buy arsenals and ammo, but using fear of government as justification seems dishonest. Just say you want one because it makes you feel powerful, or that you like to shoot shlt. As a hobby - sure, but using fear to justify your hobby is disingenuous at best.
Since you wear your seat belt every time you drive, are you feeling so unsafe you should sell your car and walk everywhere? A house or a neighborhood that is 100% safe doesn't exist.

Unless we are talking a rural area... I don't know anyone that uses an AK or AR for home protection (okok... I know a couple, lol).

It isn't a fear the government is going to start a war, it is about maintaining a balance of power so we never get to that point. Again, not fear. Is the USA scared for maintaining more Nukes than everyone else? No... balance of power.

Truth be told... An AR is FAR superior to a handgun in terms of home defense. Personally, I (any many experts agree) that a handgun is really used to "fight your way" back to a long gun. Shotgun being my preference.

Might seem extreme to you, but from a technical perspective, accuracy and maneuverability standpoint, I'd take a long gun over a handgun in a fight any day

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