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Originally Posted by Lair View Post
Get back to me when the big bad government tries to take away your guns. I'll be right over here - with my head in the sand.

I take reasonable precautions every day. An AK isn't reasonable. You might feel safe with an AK, but it won't help if you aren't walking around with it in your hands 24/7. I'll take my chances with a couple of handguns. If that isn't enough to protect me, then I'll die knowing that I went down fighting. In the meantime, I'll spend my days being unafraid. I'd rather live a day without fear than a lifetime being terrified.

If you're afraid, you've already lost the battle.
Im not really sure where you're getting the "we're afraid" thing from. Am I missing a post or something?

Before the boating accident I had both an AK and AR, both for target practice. I never thought once, hum, im going to use my AK for home defense. Thats what my 9mm is for. But like JJ said, if needed, I can fight my way back to the long rifle and go from there.

Different scenarios call for different actions. The gov't stripping its citizens of arms is unconstitutional.
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