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I managed to lift the box in the trunk, without using much force.
It lifts easy with only using a couple of fingers.

You can see how easy I managed to solve this.

I welded 2 springs together. I had to do this cause 1 long one, wasn't strong enough.

I also used a steel cable of 3mm.
To tighten these, I used some ordinary luster-clamps.

You can also see I mounted the springs on top of each other, otherwise there was no room.

You can see on the length of the cable, I can still add more tension on it.
That I will do once it's all mounted, then I can do the fine tuning of it.

Here you can see how tight it all is next to the box, and what I mean with putting the springs on each other.

The springs and the hinge, there's also some fine-tuning necessary. I have to sanded down, and spray it.
Around the springs I'm going to pull a tyre of a kidsbicycle, so that it can't vibrate.

The box is placed on 4 rubbers, also for the vibration. But I also had to make something to tighten the box on once it's closed.
I had to do this in a simple way, so that my wife didn't need to go throught a procedure of 10 things before getting to the spare wheel.

I've managed to solve this with only 1 inbus-screw

The shackle I made, is screwed in the trunk. You can also see a rubber cap on it.
Underneath I tapped some screwthread.

Then I made a little aluminium plate, and screwed it to the box.

So when the box is closed, the plate comes directly on the shackle.

I tuned this with another inbus-screw (M10).

And so you can screw it loose or tight with only 1 screw.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doing with the bimmer.
When I was working on this thing, I ask myself why I'm not doing things more simple. No head-aches, and in a much faster pace.

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