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This is exactly what my car sounds like.

I didn't replace the crank sensor yet. I removed and cleaned my plugs just in case the car was flooded as I've read about. After I put back in I tested for fuel pressure at the rail and now I don't have any pressure! I'm confused now.

I'm going to check the fuel pressure gauge on another car tonight just in case it took a dump on me.
My pump is brand new and is sending a pulse when key in in position 2.

What else could get in the way of fuel pressure reaching the rail from the fuel pump? The filter? I replaced the filter a while back, prob 20K.
I'm probably looking at towing this sucker into the stealership on monday to diagnose. My fear is that last time is was there they diagnosed two things incorrectly, but they may be able to pull some codes I can't.
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