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Originally Posted by JiMMyM3 View Post
No, the 46 and 36 are basically the same up front. The biggest thing is getting the wiring to work, but there are pre-fabbed kits out there with wiring harnesses, headers, motor mounts. The rest is moving things like abs etc around to make a 6.2 fit. The power is insane, no s54 2jz or w/e else your thinking will produce the numbers an ls will for a reasonable price. Parts are cheap and readily accessible, maint is cheap, and the engines are strong. Also you dont need FI to make over 600hp/550tq, and the engine is lighter than an s54.
I've only seen the motor mount kits from a German tuning company... I didn't know they had wiring harnesses too?! Do you mind sharing details on where to find these?
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